About Florida Charter Educational Foundation, Inc.

Welcome to all who are committed to providing high quality educational choices for students!
My name is Valora Cole, and it is my honor and pleasure to serve as the board chair for the Florida Charter Educational Foundation, Inc. and the Bay Area Charter Foundation, LLC. Our board is deeply committed to providing equal opportunities and access to a high quality education for all students regardless of their zip code or economic status. We currently govern 11 schools and are very proud of their accomplishments and progress. Our students are growing academically and socially and reaching the very highest levels of personal success.
I originally served on this board under our first local president, the late Rod Jurado. Mr. Jurado was a champion for students and school choice and was a steadfast believer that the charter schools we govern will provide the very best options for students. Our board carries that legacy close to our hearts. We are committed to carry his torch forward and ignite the power, creativity, imagination, and inspiration an excellent education provides.
Our board is comprised of local professionals with diverse backgrounds that contribute to our schools’ success. Our members represent all levels of academia from early learning through higher education as well as finance and business to keep our schools performing at the very top level in every aspect. We’ve partnered with Charter Schools USA (CSUSA), a top-performing education management organization, that professionally and successfully manages high-performing schools throughout Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana. CSUSA’s Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum challenges students to learn at their highest level, while varied and engaging extra-curricular activities, sports, and clubs provide balance and experiences that will benefit students throughout their entire educational career and beyond.
Together with the communities we serve, our schools provide an exceptional opportunity for all students. We encourage you to arrange a personal visit or simply go to their websites to learn more about your child’s exciting new educational journey.
Valora Cole